10 Reasons why I joined Maskcara. 

10) Cara Brooke Our CEO and a famous beauty blogger. 

9) Only 5000 artist (Ground Floor Opportunity)

8) Our starter kits carry volume.😮 (Yes we have 2 starter kit options) 

7) Free shipping on customer orders of $75 and shipping is super fast..

6) Just launced in the USA – will be launching in Canada and Mexico Soon. 

5) As soon as your personally sponsored artist hit $800 in sales you get a $80 bonus. 

4) The packaging is Gorgeous. 

3) Best training ever. Weekly lives from our CEO- professional training videos to get you started. 

2) Artist have a app that helps you run your business and income. 

1) My number one reason that anyone should join Maskcara Beauty is ~ for yourself! This company is changing lives and growing bank accounts. It’s fun , laid back and can be down from your smart phone. (On your own time) It is amazing! 

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